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Vasundhra Sintered Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2000 by an engineering graduate with masters in Engineering, specialization in Powder Metallurgy from Australia. With family background of industrial manufacturing, started green fields projects in district Sonipat, Haryana and having office in Delhi, India.

Started as a small company with a few machines and perseverance to excel and develop a strong range of nearly 5000 different components catering to a wide range of applications like automotive, furniture, white goods appliances, electrical motors, lawn movers, to name a few. We manufacture Sintered Oil Pump Gear, Sintered Oil Pump Rotor, Sintered Exhaust Gasket, Sintered Cam for Lock, Sintered Cams for Sewing Machines, Sintered Rod Guide & Pistons for Shock Absorbers and several other products.

Advantages of Sintered Components / Powder Metallurgy

The process of Powder Metallurgy (PM) envelopes a wide range of applications. Sintered parts have various advantages, namely:

  • High quantum in less time
  • Repeatability of precision
  • Near net-shape forming techniques
  • Self lubrication properties
  • Complex shapes that otherwise would require high end machining
  • Precision on dimensions with close tolerances
  • Flexibility in material composition to attain specific physical & mechanical properties
  • Advantages in cost

Powder Metallurgy Process Is Preferred Over Alternate Manufacturing Process

There have been numerous components, which were being manufactured through machining methods. We have been successful to convert them through the Sintering Process. Thus gives us confidence that Powder Metallurgy proves to be an excellent alternate manufacturing process to manufacture various components. 

Principal of Self Lubrication in Sintered Bearings, Sintered Bushes & Sintered Parts 

During the performance of the components, when the rotation of shaft starts, the temperature of the Sintered bushes & the shaft increases. Due to this action, the oil present in the Sintered bush forms a thin layer of oil film between the Sintered components and the shaft. 

This thin layer of oil is sucked back in porosity of the Sintered Part, once the shaft is stopped and the system cools down. So this oil film gives excellent lubrication to the system and increases life with no much requirement of adding additional oil. 

Steam Impregnation

Sintered Iron Components, especially Sintered Gears, Sintered Cams, Sintered Rotors, Sintered Piston Rings and various other Sintered Structural Components manufactured by us are subjected to steam impregnation as per the requirements. The steam impregnation process involves subjecting sintered ferrous components maintained above 500 C to super heated steam. The process imparts a shiny blue black film of Fe3O4 on the Sintered components. 

Below mentioned are some of the advantages that we get from steam impregnation:

  • The process enhances wear resistance of Sintered components.
  • The blue-black film generated on Sintered components make them high resistive to rust.
  • The process increases hardness value on the surface of Sintered components, whereas core of the components maintains its initial hardness. 
  • The porosity of Sintered components gets blocked, making the sintered components usable where high end rod guides for shock absorber parts.
  • The blue black film generated on the Sintered components adds to the aesthetic value of components. 

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